Complex build with restricted space and timeline.

Construction of 2 buildings being 2000 sqm of Tumbler room and the Ham Oven/RTE structure within an operating smallgoods processing facility.

Construction elements were heavy foundation work adjacent to, and incorporating, existing structures, Heavy Mezzanine construction including integrated chiller panel construction and open drain floors for food processing.

Significant on site challenges were Health and Safety and single roof lift onto the new structure over the existing buildings. Combined with multi faceted work faces, a highly complex build in an enclosed environment.

The contract was awarded due to Contract Constructions performance in the first stage of the Hellers development and the way in which they managed communication and coordination with the Hellers team whilst delivering a complex build in a restricted space and timeline.

The nature of the project dictated a solid regime that was dedicated to safe working practices in an enclosed work zone in the middle of a Food Safe zone. Due to the heavy nature of the construction elements within an operating environment this required an extraordinary level of commitment by the team working in collaboration with the specific subcontractors ensuring an operational facility in the midst of the construction work.

Considering the complex nature of the construction and significant structural component close attention to design details was crucial, including cross referencing between structural and the client initiated works.


Cost control was a significant challenge with multiple workfaces being operated on in an accelerated work program. This was well managed to the satisfaction of the Consulting team and the Client.


67 Main North Road
Structural Engineer
Byrne & Wanty Consultants
Byrne & Wanty Consultants
1818 m2
New Build
Build Time
4 Months
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