Welcome to our document download facility! Documents for most of our tenders and contracts are now available to download electronically.

Tender Documents

To download tender documents, click here and enter the user name and password on the next screen.  Click on the relevant project and then either select the relevant drawings individually, or select the .zip file to download the full set.

To contact us regarding any current tenders, or if you have any queries regarding the tender document download facility please email us or phone (03) 379 6277.  We would appreciate it if you could advise which tenders you will be pricing by emailing


Construction Documents

Construction documents for our projects will now be available to download electronically, where possible.  We will issue successful tenderers with a user name and password when we send out the acceptance letter.  Click here to download construction documents.



Not all tenders/contracts will be available on this facility.  All documents will still be available for viewing at our office.

Documents printed from .pdf files may not print to scale so please check all dimensions.

We do not guarantee that the files contained in the download database are the full set of documents available for that tender/contract.  We recommend you visit our office to view the full set of documentation.